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On May 13, 2006 the MSSM Friendship Scholarship Foundation, celebrated with friends, family, and the University of California, Merced in the dedication of the McFadden-Willis Reading Room.

This room is a contemplative reading room one story higher than the rest of the library, with windows that spill light out over the campus and valley at night.  It bears a portrait of the four children whose lives inspired the Friendship Scholarships, and a gorgeous carved crystal plaque honoring all donors to the Foundation.  Dedicated in memory of Melanie, Stanley, Stuart, and Michelle, this room will help our community remember the gifts that these children were to those around them.

The McFadden-Willis Reading Room would not have been possible without the generous support of our donors. Our sincere appreciation goes out to:

Christine B McFadden

Elizabeth Boonstra McFadden

Kurt & Catherine McFadden Huffmaster Family

UC Davis Veterinary Class of 1982

Paul Umeda

Robert & Janet Sondag Bradford

Lexie Endo Ng & Janelle, Cayla & Dina Kityama

Jaime Bond

Jon & Brenda Wolfson

Gaye Naiditch

Mike Hayes

Jeff, Karen, Emily & Nathan Baladad

James, Sabra, Samantha, Sabrina, Lexi & Tori Abbate

R Bruce Miller

Jim & Marcie Correa

Dalvir & Kamaljit Chahal

Vernon & Camille Haraburda Williams

Adam & Mary Sacchetti

Linda Tatum & Robert Davis

Steven, Beverly & Mark Rowan

Nicholas Velasquez

Gerry & Doris Peterson Family

Matt Makinson

Krishna, Suma, Vikas & Ramesh Thondapu

Glenn & Virginia Walters

The Student Body Council of Our Lady of Mercy School

Curt & Ruth Peterson

Gerald W Corman

Cathy Westlund

Christine, James, Nancy, Judd, Yvette & Jason Bittis

Assemblywoman Barbara Matthews

Beaver Creek Farm & Rodney Dill

Hanimireddy & Vijaya Lakireddy

Kaitlin Kanabay

Nancy Evans

Nicole Seneca

Jenny Imberi

Caslin Distributing

In Loving Memory of Jeanette Corman

Mike & Sue Rager

Bettylou George and Family

Lidia C Sanseau

Reba White

Gus & Teresa Scoto

Dario & Jo Giampaoli

David Lesher

The Zajac Family

Janet Ayers

Robert & LaDeane Parker

Jim & Patty Willis Gabel

Don & Sharon Dooley

Bobby & Tina Olivarez Nelson

Bobby M Hoang

Valley Animal Hospital

Robert & Linda Olzack

Drew Gleason

I Believe In YOU!

Thanh Thi Nhu Tran

Coby Ann La Mattina

Creed, Ellen & Spencer Rowan

Christian Madayag

Juan Valdez, Jr

Elmo M Giampaoli

In Loving Memory of Susie Rossi

Mike & Patty Keennon

Rick, Becky & Alex DeBusk

Senator Jeff Denham & family

In Loving Memory of Ramesh Garisa

Kathleen M Crookham

Vikram Lakireddy

Sid Lakireddy

MaryEllen Easby

Don & Joan Brammer

Gary Rieke

In Loving Memory of Mary Lohman

Stillbow Ranch Duck Club

Takeshi & Takako Endo

Doris & Lou Gonella

Tom & Sherry Hawker

Me n Edís Pizza

Clifford & Alice Spendlove

Richard W Allinson

Fred & Peggie Reeves

Robert & Kim Rogina

Damon Goldstein

Rick & Tami Davidson

Merced Downtown Rotary

Derrick Olzack

Sharon Lohman

Daniel M Franey

Sherrie Spendlove Gallo

Dan Morrow

Joseph Raggio

David & Holly Zacharias

Matt & Erin Willis

Gabel Johnson

Lori Rossi

Sophie Kanabay

Siana Velasquez

Isabella Knittel

Paul & Heidi Raggio Family

Santa Fe Pet Hospital

WalMart Merced 2039

Hari Singh

Jerald & Elizabeth Young

EJ Almo & Madeleine Lorenzi

Wendy Fister & Katelyn Tassey

Skip & Michelle George

Darren & Nick Pouncey

Katy Proietti


I am the dust in the sunlight, I am the ball of the sun,
To the dust I say: Remain. And to the sun: Roll on.

I am the mist of morning, I am the breath of evening.
I am the rustling of the grove, the surging wave of the sea.

I am the mast, the rudder, the steersman and the ship.
I am the coral reef on which it founders.

I am the tree of life and the parrot in its branches,
Silence, thought, tongue and voice.

I am the breath of the flute, the spirit of man,
I am the spark in the stone, the gleam of gold in the metal,

The candle and the moth fluttering round it,
The rose and the nightingale drunk with its fragrance.

I am the chain of being, the circle of the spheres,
The scale of creation, the rise and the fall.

I am what is and is not. I am - O Thou who knowest,
Jelaleddin, oh, say it - I am the soul in all.


My sincere and heart-felt appreciation to all,
      Christine B. McFadden, DVM




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