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We'd like to share some photographs of Melanie, Stanley, Stuart, Michelle, and their friends with you.


Cheerleading for GVHS



Baseball-Catcher for GVHS, March 2002


Soccer August 2000


Coppelia Ballet 6/01

Coby & Melanie

Emily & Melanie

Mom with Stu


Soccer 00-01


France- Easter Break 2001

Michelle 2001

Katie and Melanie

Junior High Days

Stuart & Michelle

8th Grade Dinner Show 03/19/02

Michelle "Bubbles" 2001

Jenny & Melanie

Buddy pics 2001

Stan and Michelle

Big Bro reads bedtime story.

Michelle, Christmas 1999

"Am I cool or what?" 2 years old

Stan & Michelle 1999

Boots and sneakers off after a hard day workin'.

Nykol's birthday

February 15, 2002

Miss Movie Star

7th Grade "The Fab Five" dresses up to rent movies at Blockbuster. A little girls asks Melanie, "Are you a movie star?"

Michelle 2001

I am a beautiful dancer like Sissy.

Stuart at Baseball

Catcher for the OLM Lancers, March 2002

"The Fab Five" GVHS Cheerleaders

Freshman Year

Spring Fling 2001

Melanie bottom- front & center, of course!

Fab Four and Friends

Paris, France- Easter Break 2001

Melanie, Jenny, Emily, Amanda, Coby, & Ashley

"Stan The Man"

Brad, Liz, Katelyn, & Stan

"The Group" Zebra Lovin'

Spring Fling April of 2002

Mel & Michelle

Never too old to play in the "sand box" July 2000


Winter Formal 2000

Melanie-Degas Ballet Photo

"The Group"

MORP Dance March 22, 2002

(morp is backwards prom)

The Girls Only

(Melanie - Hot Pink pants, far right) MORP Dance March 22, 2002

Mel & Stan with Grandma Lisa

Christmas 2001

Matt & Melanie

Last Dance- Sadies 2001

Michelle with Christmas Bow 2001

Stan squashing Mom

Don't break my Waterford!! December 2001

Coby, Stan, & Mel

Winter Formal 2001

(Day Christmas Picture for Mom taken. Now MSSM logo.)

Camping with GrandDad

Summer 1997

Stan & Michelle

Second reading bedtime story-Don't let him fake you out probably the only two times it happened :)

Stuie Lou The Coolest

Three years old

Brotherly Love

Mel's birthday November 14, 2001

Stan, Stu & Iguana

Valley Animal Hospital patient

Cute Couple, Derrick & Melanie

Derrick, Mel's boyfriend at the Atwater basketball game.

Stuart & Red Storm Soccer team

State Cup, March 23, 2002

Friends and Friends and Friends

Press interviews with Merced Sun-Star & Modesto Bee newspapers & ABC Channel 30 TV on September 19, 2002

Melanie & Anthony

8th Grade Dinner Show- Production of "Grease"

Sophie & Michelle

Michelle's chosen "best friend" - 8th Grade dinner show March 19, 2002

Michelle the fisherwoman

Warning: I am Three!

Melanie "en pointe"

My ballerina



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