Michelle Morgan McFadden
March 7, 1997 – March 26, 2002

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Michelle was born March 7, 1997 to Christine McFadden and John Hogan. She attended Our Lady of Mercy Preschool and was ready to enter Our Lady of Mercy kindergarten in the fall.

Michelle had all of the advantages of being born ten years later than her sister and brothers, and to an older, more relaxed and go-with-the-flow mother. She had the affection and attention of all that she came into contact with due to her wonderfully precocious nature and high verbal skills. Michelle was mature beyond her years, understanding early the need for organization, providing specific directives to anyone entering her area, shopping lists (to ensure that you get what you want at the grocery store) and saving money (even if you had to borrow other people’s teeth to get the Tooth Fairy to come).

Michelle loved all of her pets, and she loved flowers and working in the yard with her mom. Michelle preferred pink, but also accepted purple as favorite colors. The television was always set to ensure Michelle’s access to her favorite cartoons. When her mother would inform Michelle that a cartoon was inappropriate, Michelle would suggest to mom that she “just cover your ears”. Michelle loved baby dolls, stuffed animals and computer games. She loved to go fishing and then chase her big “sissy” with the fish once home, while waiting for her mom to fry up the catch of the day. Michelle had a very special blanket that was always with her. She had adopted the habit of smelling her blanket at each corner prior to leaving it at home. If allowed to bring “blankie”, she always ensured that it was seat belted in prior to leaving home.

Michelle had many wonderful friendships, including many children her own age, as well as her sibling’s friends and a number of adults. She was extremely adept at conversation, and was a joy to visit with.

Michelle loved to be at her mom’s veterinary hospital. She would collect her own special patients, and then call upon the doctors and staff to bandage, feed and help care for her patients. It was not unusual to have several cages in the hospital housing “recovering” Beanie Babies. Michelle loved assisting her mom in understanding the correct way to care for all of the animals. She was truly intuitive and very aware beyond her years of the clinic and all the care required treating the animals. It was truly expected that she would someday follow her mother into the practice of veterinary medicine.

Michelle was greatly loved by her brothers, sister and her mom. She returned their love and enjoyed all of the activities and noise associated with having older siblings. She was an amazing girl with much vibrancy and love. She brought sunshine wherever she went.



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