Stuart Richard Willis
August 31, 1987 – March 26, 2002

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Stuart was born in Merced, California to Dr. Christine McFadden and Dr. Thomas Willis. He attended Our Lady of Mercy School from preschool through eighth grade. Stuart was an exceptional athlete in all areas. He excelled at soccer and also played basketball and baseball.

Stuart was actively involved in intramural sports at Our Lady of Mercy School. He received an award at the end of basketball season for his courteous and sportsman like conduct. Stuart’s greatest love and strength was soccer. He had played competitively for many years.

Stuart played for the Merced United Red Storm, a Class 1 competitive soccer team at the State Cup Level. He was an aggressive player, playing sweeper and occasionally priding himself for “catching the Gold Card” (actually a yellow card which is a disciplinary warning for rough soccer play). Stuart was a tremendous asset to his competitive team at Our Lady of Mercy. He was truly gifted and had hoped to try out for the Olympic Development Program in soccer. The Merced City League Soccer Jamboree / Tournament in November is held in his honor.

Stuart was also a dedicated and conscientious student, which resulted in his inclusion on the honor roll. He was an extremely courteous and kind young man to everyone. Stuart was looking forward to attending Golden Valley High School.

Stuart loved to dance and was truly good as noted by many of the girls in his class. Stuart loved to play games, set up programs on the computer and burn CDs for his family and friends. Stuart also was a risk-taker and didn’t mind an adventure, such as trying many of his mother’s exotic dishes and always loved her cooking regardless of what it looked like on a plate.

Stuart had a very close relationship with his mother, brother and sisters. He also had a warm relationship with his father, stepmother, brother and sister in Bakersfield. He took great pride in his ability to tease and exasperate his younger sister, Michelle, while being a tremendously patient and fun playmate. Stuart was a very loving, kind, conscientious, firm, and competitive young man. He was a young and natural leader of his peers, and was very well respected and loved.



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